2015 Kyrgyz parliamentary election

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Seats in the Supreme Council after election.

The 2015 Kyrgyzstani parliamentary election was held on 4 October 2015.

Electoral system[change | change source]

The 120 seats in the Supreme Council were elected by proportional representation. This means that if a party gets 20% of the vote, for example, they get 20% of the seats. A party had to receive at least 7% of the vote to get seats in the council. No party was allowed to win more than 65 seats.[1]

Campaign[change | change source]

Many political parties were formed before the election; often made by wealthy Kyrgyz who want to promote their own interests.[2]

A lot of potential candidates were not allowed to run due to criminal convictions. One party leader, a former boxer, was banned after he beat up a rival candidate.[2]

Result[change | change source]

Results of the election:
  Social Democratic Party
  Respublika-Ata Zhurt
  Kyrgyzstan Party
  Bir Bol
  Ata-Meken Socialist Party

Sources: [3][4]

Presidential election
Choice Votes % Seats
Social Democratic 435,968 26.81% 38
RespublikaAta-Zhurt 320,115 19.68% 28
Kyrgyzstan 206,094 12.67% 18
Onuguu–Progress 148,279 9.12% 13
Bir Bol 135,875 8.36% 12
Ata Meken Socialist 123,055 7.57% 11
others 212,031 13.04% 0
against all 12,428 0.76%
invalid ballots 32,410 1.99%
Total votes 1,626,255 100% 120

Conduct[change | change source]

Even though there were some reports of voter fraud,[5] the OSCE said that the elections were "lively and competitive" and "unique in this region." The PACE said that voters had "made their choice freely among a large number of contestants."

The OSCE did note some problems with voter registration, and the Council of Europe had concern over the transparency of some campaigns and financing.

References[change | change source]