2017-18 North Korea Crisis

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In 2017, a crisis began when North Korea threatened the United States with a nuclear weapon.

In July 4, 2017 North Korea conducted their first nuclear test used that ICBM east in the Sea of Japan, during a celebration of Independence Day in the United States. Expert says the test showed that North Korea could launch a missile that would reach the western United States.

In August 8, 2017, United States President Donald Trump warned that North Korea would be met with "Fire with Fury", and also could threat the US territory of Guam.

In September 6, 2017, North Korea had its sixth nuclear test, based on a USGS magnitude 6.3 earthquake that hit at a nuclear site caused by a nuclear test.

In February 15, 2018, President Trump denies attack North Korea with nuclear weapon what he called is "Bloody nose".

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