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2018 Liège attack

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2018 Liège shooting
41°22′53″N 2°10′23″E / 41.38139°N 2.17306°E / 41.38139; 2.17306
LocationLiège, Belgium
Date29 May 2018
10:30+ CEST (UTC+2)
TargetPolice, school
Attack type
Shooting, hostage taking
WeaponsKnife, 2 handguns
Deaths4 (including perpetrator)
Suspected perpetrator
Benjamin Herman

On 29 May 2018, a man on temporary leave from prison "hunted down" and stabbed two female police officers, then took their guns and used them to shoot and kill the two officers and a pedestrian in Liège, Belgium.[1][2]

The gunman took a woman hostage before he was killed by police. A terrorism investigation has been launched.[1]

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