2019 Albania earthquake

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2019 Albania earthquake
2019 Albania earthquake is located in Albania
2019 Albania earthquake
UTC time2019-11-26 02:54:12
ISC event616919407
Local date26 November 2019
Local time03:54:12 CET
Magnitude6.4 Mw
Depth20.0 km (12.4 mi)
Epicenter41°31′16″N 19°33′32″E / 41.521°N 19.559°E / 41.521; 19.559Coordinates: 41°31′16″N 19°33′32″E / 41.521°N 19.559°E / 41.521; 19.559
Max. intensityIX (Violent)
AftershocksFour M≥5.0
Casualties51 dead, 2000 injured

Northwestern Albania was struck by a strong 6.4 magnitude earthquake and an epicentre 12 kilometres (7.5 mi) west-southwest of Mamurras, at 03:54 CET on 26 November 2019.[1]

The tremor was felt in Albania's capital Tirana, its neighbor country North Macedonia and in places as far away as Taranto, Italy and Belgrade, Serbia[2] some 370 kilometres (230 mi) northeast of the epicentre.

At least 51 people were killed in the earthquake, with 2000 others injured.[3] It was the largest to hit Albania in forty years.[1]

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