2021 Chilean general election

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2021 Chilean general election

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Presidential election
First round: 21 November
Second round: 19 December
  Gabriel Boric Font (2021) 4x3 cropped.png José Antonio Kast (2019) 4x3 cropped.jpg
Candidate Gabriel Boric José Antonio Kast
Party Social Convergence Republican
Alliance Apruebo Dignidad Christian Social Front
Popular vote 4,615,090 3,645,892
Percentage 55.87% 44.13%

First round results

President before election

Sebastián Piñera
Independent (politics)

Elected President

Gabriel Boric
Social Convergence

In Chile, a general election was held on 21 November 2021, including presidential, parliamentary and regional elections. Voters elected the President of the Republic, 27 of 50 members of the Senate and all 155 members of the Chamber of Deputies in the National Congress.[1]

A second round was held on 19 December 2021 where Gabriel Boric was elected the 36th President after winning almost 56% of the vote.[2] He will be the youngest president of Chile ever elected.[2]

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