2021 German federal election

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2021 German federal election

← 2017 On or before 24 October 2021

All 598 seats in the Bundestag (plus overhang and leveling seats)
300+ seats needed for a majority
Opinion polls
  2019-09-10 SPD Regionalkonferenz Team Esken Walter-Borjans by OlafKosinsky MG 0461.jpg 2015-01-17 3813 Jörg Meuthen (Landesparteitag AfD Baden-Württemberg) (cropped).jpg
2019-04-10 Tino Chrupalla MdB by Olaf Kosinsky-7654.jpg
Leader TBD Norbert Walter-Borjans
Saskia Esken
Jörg Meuthen[a]
Tino Chrupalla
Party CDU/CSU SPD Alternative for Germany
Leader since 2020 30 November 2019 30 November 2019
Leader's seat
Baden-Württemberg (list)

Last election 246 seats, 32.9% 153 seats, 20.5% 94 seats, 12.6%

  2020-02-14 Christian Lindner (Bundestagsprojekt 2020) by Sandro Halank–2.jpg Katja Kipping und Bernd Riexinger. Leipzig 2018 (cropped 2).jpg 20180120 AB HH.png
Maischberger - 2018-06-20-6558 (cropped).jpg
Leader Christian Lindner Katja Kipping
Bernd Riexinger
Annalena Baerbock
Robert Habeck
Party FDP The Left Alliance 90/The Greens
Leader since 7 December 2013 2 June 2012 27 January 2018
Leader's seat North Rhine-Westphalia (list) Saxony (list)
Baden-Württemberg (list)
Brandenburg (list)
Last election 80 seats, 10.7% 69 seats, 9.2% 67 seats, 8.9%

Incumbent Chancellor

Angela Merkel

The 2021 German federal election will be held no later than 24 October 2021.

Parties[change | change source]

Incumbent Chancellor Angela Merkel announced her retirement from politics in October 2018, by announcing she will not run for re-election for CDU Leader and Chancellor.[1]

Major[change | change source]

These parties have received at least 4% of the national vote in the last German federal election, and are predicted to win seats in this next election.

Minor[change | change source]

These parties received at least 0.5% of the national vote in the last German federal election.

Opinion polls[change | change source]

Below is the monthly average of opinion polls towards the election. Mittelwerte der Umfragen und Prognosen zur 20. Bundestagswahl.png

References[change | change source]

  1. Currently sits as a MdEP in the European Parliament.
  1. "Angela Merkel to step down in 2021". BBC News. 2018-10-29. Retrieved 2018-10-29.

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