2021 Honduran general election

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Results by department:
Red (Xiomara Castro)
Blue (Nasry Asfura)

General elections were held in Honduras on 28 November 2021. In this election, voters got to elect the President of Honduras, to replace Juan Orlando Hernández. Also up for election are the 128 deputies of the National Congress, 20 deputies to the Central American Parliament, 298 mayors and 298 vice mayors, as well as 2,092 council members.

Xiomara Castro of Libre was elected president, which made her the first female president-elect of Honduras, the person with the most vote in the history of Honduras, and ended 12 years of conservative National Party rule.[1]

Presidential candidates[change | change source]

Presidential results[change | change source]

Xiomara CastroLiberty and Refoundation1,716,79351.12
Nasry AsfuraNational Party1,240,26036.93
Yani RosenthalLiberal Party335,76210.00
Milton BenítezHumane Honduras8,8570.26
Carlos Mauricio PortilloChristian Democratic Party7,1030.21
Romeo Vásquez VelásquezHonduran Patriotic Alliance6,5560.20
Kelin Pérez GómezBroad Front6,0530.18
Esdras Amado LópezNew Route5,9110.18
Alexander MiraSavior Party of Honduras5,7110.17
Marlon EscotoWe are all Honduras5,3820.16
Alfonso Díaz NarváezDemocratic Unification Party5,0810.15
Julio Lopéz CasacaAnti-Corruption Party4,1810.12
José Coto GarcíaGo-Solidary Movement3,7680.11
Lempira Cuauhtemoc VianaDemocratic Liberation Party3,3610.10
Santos Orlando Rodriguez OrellanaIndependent Movement Dignity and Hope3,2740.10
Valid votes3,358,05393.79
Invalid/blank votes222,4746.21
Total votes3,580,527100.00
Registered voters/turnout5,182,42569.09
Source: CNE

References[change | change source]

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