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2021 Japanese general election

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2021 Japanese general election

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All 465 seats to the House of Representatives of Japan
233 seats needed for a majority
Opinion polls
Turnout55.93% (Increase2.25%)
  First party Second party Third party
Leader Fumio Kishida Yukio Edano Ichirō Matsui
Party LDP CDP Innovation
Leader's seat Hiroshima-1st Saitama-5th Not contesting
(Mayor of Osaka) and
Last election 284 seats, 33.28% 55 seats, 19.88% 11 seats, 6.07%
Seats before 276 109 10
Seats won 261 96 41
Seat change Decrease15 Decrease13 Increase31

  Fourth party Fifth party Sixth party
Leader Natsuo Yamaguchi Yuichiro Tamaki Kazuo Shii
Party Komeito DPP Communist
Leader's seat Not contesting
Kagawa-2nd Minami-Kantō PR
Last election 29 seats, 12.51% New party[a] 12 seats, 7.90%
Seats before 29 8 12
Seats won 32 11 10
Seat change Increase3 Increase3 Decrease2

  Seventh party Eighth party
Leader Tarō Yamamoto Mizuho Fukushima
Party Reiwa Social Democratic
Leader's seat Tokyo PR[1] Not contesting
Last election New party 2 seats, 1.69%
Seats before 1 1
Seats won 3 1
Seat change Increase2 Steady

Parliamentary districts and regional party-list proportional blocks

Prime Minister before election

Fumio Kishida

Prime Minister-designate

Fumio Kishida

The 49th general election of members of the House of Representatives (Japanese: 第49回衆議院議員総選挙, Hepburn: dai-yonjūkyūkai Shūgiin giin sōsenkyo) was held on 31 October 2021.[2]

It was the first general election in the Reiwa era, ending the nine-year Shinzo Abe era and a controversial Suga Cabinet.

The ruling party, the LDP, is projected to win a sole majority, passing the 233 seats needed.[3][4]

Notes[change | change source]

  1. The Democratic Party merged with Kibō no Tō in May 2018, forming the Democratic Party for the People. The majority of the DPFP later merged with the Constitutional Democratic Party in September 2020, however 14 members refused to merge and instead formed a new party retaining the DPFP name and branding.
  2. The current Constitutional Democratic Party is a new party founded in September 2020 following a merger between the CDP, a majority of the former Democratic Party for the People and some independent Diet members. The new party voted to retain the CDP name as well as Edano as leader.

References[change | change source]

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