2021 TAF AS532 crash

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2021 TAF AS532 crash
Eurocopter Cougar (Luftwaffe) (8735139339).jpg
A AS532 Cougar, similar to the helicopter that crashed
Date4 March 2021 (2021-03-04)
SummaryCrashed into terrain; under investigation
Sitenear Tatvan, Bitlis, Turkey
Aircraft typeEurocopter AS532 Cougar
Operator Turkish Air Force
Flight originBingöl, Turkey
DestinationTatvan, Bitlis, Turkey

2021 TAF AS532 crash took place on 4 March 2021, when a Turkish Air Force (TAF) Eurocopter AS532 Cougar going to Tatvan District in Bitlis, Turkey, crashed in Bitlis Province. Eleven Turkish servicemen on board were killed in the crash, while two other servicemen survived the crash.

It was the fourth incident in Turkey involving the particular model of aircraft, which has caused the deaths of 39 people, including two high-ranking military officers.[1]

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