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2022 Marburg virus disease outbreak in Ghana

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2022 Marburg virus disease outbreak in Ghana
Micrograph of Marburg viruses
DiseaseMarburg virus
LocationAshanti Region
Confirmed cases4
Fatality rate75.00 %

The Marburg virus disease outbreak in Ghana occured in 2022. On July 8, 2 cases have been reported. The WHO announced that the virus was spreading in the entire of country.[1][2]

Background[change | change source]

The Margburg virus disease (MVD) is a highly contagious disease were located in Ashanti region on July 2022, It has 24-90% tally disease, The first case was found in year 1967 and it was detected in Germany and Yugoslavia and also were have been cases reported in Sub-Sahara in Africa.[3][4]

Outbreak[change | change source]

In Ashanti region where the first outbreak was found, The symptoms of the disease are; dizzy, diarrhea, nausea and it taken to the hospital.

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