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2024 Persian Gulf floods

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A flooded street in Muharraq, Bahrain

In April 2024, heavy rain hit several Gulf states, leading to flash flooding. Some states received almost a year's worth of rain in just one day. Oman and the United Arab Emirates were greatly affected, 24 people died in these floods, 18 of them in Oman, 1 in UAE[1] and 5 in other countries. Other Arab countries such as Bahrain, Qatar, Southeastern Iran, Yemen and the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, also faced heavy rainfall and flooding.[2]

Impact[change | change source]

Oman[change | change source]

In Oman, floods killed 18 people, including 10 school children and their driver, whose vehicle was washed away.[2] [3]

UAE[change | change source]

In the UAE, there was record-breaking rainfall, the highest since records began in 1949.[4] Flooding was widespread, and a 70-year-old man died after he was swept away with his car during the flood.[1] Landslides were also reported in some areas. Dubai Metro services were badly impacted. It's services were stopped, leaving around 200 commuters left alone at different stations.[5] 17 flights from Dubai International Airport were cancelled on April 16, with operations being temporarily suspended for around 25 minutes.[6]

Bahrain[change | change source]

Flooding in Manama, Bahrain.

Bahrain experienced heavy rainfall and thunderstorms. This led to flooding in many areas and cars were left damaged on road. Flood relief efforts including the removing of rainwater from the region and streets and pumping it to Al-Luzi lake took place.[7] Bahraini Ministry of Education announced a closure of schools and higher education institutions as a result of the floods.[7]

Qatar[change | change source]

In Qatar, schools and public buildings were closed due to the bad weather.[8]

Other Gulf Countries[change | change source]

Rain also fell in Southeastern Iran, and the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia.[2]

Kuwait's meteorological agency warned of heavy rainfall and possible thunderstorms.[9]

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