22nd century BC

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Millennium: 3rd millennium BC
State leaders:
  • 23rd century BC
  • 22nd century BC
  • 21st century BC
  • 2190s BC
  • 2180s BC
  • 2170s BC
  • 2160s BC
  • 2150s BC
  • 2140s BC
  • 2130s BC
  • 2120s BC
  • 2110s BC
  • 2100s BC
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The 22nd century BC is a century which was from the year 2200 BC to 2101 BC.

Events[change | change source]

The Deluge tablet of the Gilgamesh epic in Akkadian. The historical Gilgamesh had died centuries earlier before his epic was recorded

Significant persons[change | change source]