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24 (season 2)

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This is the second season of the American drama television series 24 and known as Day 2. The seasons narrative begins at 8 AM, last 24 hours and ends at 8 AM the next day.

Season Overview[change | change source]

Jack and CTU try to stop a nuclear bomb from being blown up in Los Angelos. Terrorists blow up CTU to draw away their attention. George Mason ends up detonating the bomb over the Mojave Desert and away from the city. Afterwards Jack follows leads that indicate that a recording implicating three Middle Eastern countries is false. President David Palmer decides to not attack these Middle Eastern Countries. His cabinet removes him from office under the Twenty-fifth Amendment and the Vice President becomes President. Eventually Jack finds the evidence and Palmer is reinstated as President. At the end of the season, Palmer is poisoned with anthrax.

Starring[change | change source]

Guest Starring[change | change source]

Reception[change | change source]

The season received positive reviews with a 95% on Rotten Tomatoes.[1]

References[change | change source]

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