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24 (season 5)

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Season 5 of the series 24 is known as Day 5. The season has 24 episodes with each lasting one hours in the story. It begins and ends at 7 a.m. The Season was on Television from January to May of 2006 and is considered the best season of the TV show. The season got 12 Primetime Emmy Award nominations and won five including Outstanding Drama Series. Critics praised Kiefer Sutherland, Gregory Itzin and Jean Smart for their acting.

Season Overview[change | change source]

Assasins frame Jack Bauer for the murder of President Palmer and attempt to kill those who helped Jack fake his death. Jack follows leads and ends up at Ontario airport. American President Logan and Russian President Suvarov are signing an anti-terrorist agreement. Terrorists take control of the same airport where Jack is and hold hostages. They threaten to kill the hostages if the treaty is signed. Jack helps officials to stop the terrorists. The terrorists, however, used the hostages as a diversion to acquire nerve gas. Jack learns that the White House Chief of Staff was involved. Nerve gas is used in a mall and unsuccessfully at a hospital. The terrorists release nerve gas in the CTU building, killing several workers. The last canister is used in a submarine, but also without success. The rest of the gas gets destroyed, but Jack learns President Logan was behind the attacks. The rest of the story involves Jack trying to get a recording to implicate Logan. With the first lady's help, Jack uses a listening piece to record the president confessing his crimes. Logan must relieve his presidency. In the very end, the Chinese kidnap Bauer.

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Reception[change | change source]

The season received very positive reviews from critics. It has 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. According to the website: "24 defies the law of diminishing returns with a spectacular fifth season that features White House intrigue, some of the most harrowing set-pieces in the series yet, and a heroically committed performance by Kiefer Sutherland."