A. B. M Abdur Rahim

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A. B. M Abdur Rahim
Born2 January 1936
Brahmanbaria, British India ( now Bangladesh .
Died5 May 1971 ( 35 )
Spouse(s)Mrs. Jharna Rahim
Parent(s)Abdur Rashid ( Khurshed Mullah ), Musammad Fatima Begum

A. B. M. Abdur Rahim (born 1936; missing as of 5 May 1971) was a labour legal consultant.[1][2] In his professional life, he was a labor legal consultant, general secretary of the Pakistan Labor Federation and manager of the Ujala Match Factory. He was abducted on May 5, 1971 by Pakistani forces.[3]

Early life[change | change source]

Abdur Rahim was born on 2 January 1937 in the village of Ghatiyara in the Basudeb Union of Brahmanbaria District in the then British India, now under the Chittagong Division of Bangladesh.

Career[change | change source]

Abdur Rahim was the then Labor Legal Consultant[3] and served as the General Secretary of the Pakistan Labor Federation and was the Ujala Match Factory Manager.[4]

Contribution[change | change source]

Abdur Rahim used to hold secret meetings with the workers in Dhaka and organize them for the war of liberation. He used to secretly send them to India for training. He himself was preparing to go to India. Earlier on May 5, Pakistani soldiers picked him up from his workplace (Ujala Match Factory).[3]

Missing[change | change source]

Abdur Rahim used to secretly send people to India for training. He himself was preparing to go to India. He was abducted by Pakistani troops on May 5 from his workplace (Ujala Match Factory) and has been missing since then.[3]

Honors[change | change source]

In January 1996, the Bangladesh Postal Department released a postage stamp with his picture and name. [5]

On February 25, March 2021, Ministry of Liberation War Affairs and the Government of Bangladesh published the names of 209 intellectuals.[6]

Family[change | change source]

A.B.M Sohel Rashid (এবিএম সোহেল রশিদ)

A. B. M Sohel Rashid (born 1965) is the son of A. B. M Abdur Rahim. He is an actor[7] and writer.

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