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AZ (or Az) may refer to:

Companies and organizations[change | change source]

  • ITA Airways, IATA code for the national airline of Italy

Music[change | change source]

People[change | change source]

Places[change | change source]

  • Arizona, a state in the United States whose postal abbreviation is "AZ"
  • Azerbaijan, a Eurasian country, designated by the 2-letter ISO 3166-1 country code

Other uses[change | change source]

  • .az, the country code top level domain for the nation of Azerbaijan
  • Abendzeitung, a newspaper based in Munich, Germany
  • AlphaZero, game-playing artificial intelligence
  • Azimuth, the horizontal component of a compass direction
  • Azerbaijani language, designated by the ISO 639-1 international-standard language-code "az"

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