A History of Violence (album)

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A History of Violence is the sixth studio album by American hip hop group, Jedi Mind Tricks. It was released on November 11, 2008. The producer of the album was Stoupe. The first single off the album is "Monolith".

Songs[change | change source]

No. Title Length
1. "Intro"    
2. "Deathbed Doctrine"    
3. "Deadly Melody (featuring Block McCloud and Demoz)"    
4. "Monolith (featuring Jus Allah)"    
5. "Those With No Eyes (Interlude)"    
6. "Trail Of Lies"    
7. "Heavy Artillery"    
8. "Seance Of Shamans (featuring Outerspace & Doap Nixon)"    
9. "Geometry In Static"    
10. "Godflesh (featuring Block McCloud and King Magnetic)"    
11. "Terror (featuring Demoz)"    
12. "Butcher Knife Bloodbath"    
13. "The Sixth Gate Shines No More (Interlude)"    
14. "Death Messiah (featuring Liz Fullerton)"    

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