A Matter of Life and Death

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A Matter of Life and Death
Studio album by Iron Maiden
Released 5 September 2006
Genre Heavy metal
Length 71:54
Label EMI
Producer Kevin Shirley
Iron Maiden chronology
Death on the Road
A Matter of Life and Death
Somewhere Back in Time - The Best of: 1980-1989

A Matter of Life and Death is an album by Iron Maiden. It is their fourteenth album and went on sale on 5 September 2006.[1]

The album talks a lot about war and death, as well as other parts of life.[2] It was produced by Kevin Shirley.[3]

It is a popular album, and sold within the top ten most popular album in several countries when it was released.[4] It was the first Iron Maiden album to do this in the United States.[4]

Musicians[change | change source]

Track listing[change | change source]

No. Title Lyrics Music Length
1. "Different World"   Steve Harris Adrian Smith, Harris 4:17
2. "These Colours Don't Run"   Bruce Dickinson Smith, Harris 6:52
3. "Brighter Than a Thousand Suns"   Dickinson, Harris Smith, Harris 8:44
4. "The Pilgrim"   Janick Gers Gers, Harris 5:07
5. "The Longest Day"   Dickinson Smith, Harris 7:48
6. "Out of the Shadows"   Dickinson Dickinson, Harris 5:36
7. "The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg"   Harris Dave Murray, Harris 7:22
8. "For the Greater Good of God"   Harris Harris 9:24
9. "Lord of Light"   Dickinson Smith, Harris 7:23
10. "The Legacy"   Harris Gers, Harris 9:22
Total length:
Bonus track (iTunes store edition)
No. Title Lyrics Music Length
11. "Hallowed Be Thy Name" (Radio 1 'Legends' Session) Harris Harris 7:11

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