A Real Basket Case

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A Real Basket Case
AuthorBeth Groundwater
PublisherFive Star Publishing
Publication date
March 21, 2007

A Real Basket Case is a fictional mystery novel that was written by Beth Groundwater. It was published by Five Star Publishing on March 21, 2007.[1] It was later re-published in large print in January 2008.[2] The novel follows the story of Claire Hanover who sets out to find out who murdered her husband.

It was put up for the Best First Novel Agatha Award in 2007.[3] The sequel, To Hell in a Handbasket is scheduled to be published in 2009.[4]

Awards[change | change source]

Even though Beth Groundwater won the Princess of Rejection prize from the Sisters in Crime Guppies Chapter for having the second most rejections for her writings in the winter of 2005,[5] A Real Basket Case was put up for the Best First Novel Agatha Award in 2007.[3][4]

Reviews[change | change source]

The novel got good reviews in several large newspapers. Barbara Bibel from Booklist review said that, "This will appeal to Desperate Housewives fans and those who like cozies with a bit of spice."[6] Kirkus Reviews called A Real Basket Case "A tense, exciting debut."[1] Author J.B. Thompson praised the novel, but he also said the main character could have been written better.[7]

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