A Sound Garden

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A Sound Garden
ArtistDouglas Hollis
TypeSound sculpture
Dimensions6.4 m (21 ft)
LocationSeattle, Washington, U.S.
Coordinates47°41′08″N 122°15′00″W / 47.685444°N 122.249972°W / 47.685444; -122.249972Coordinates: 47°41′08″N 122°15′00″W / 47.685444°N 122.249972°W / 47.685444; -122.249972
OwnerNational Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

A Sound Garden is a public art work on NOAA property adjacent to Magnuson Park in Seattle, Washington. It was created in 1982 by Doug Hollis. It is constructed with a number of metal tubes on weathervane-like apparatus that catch the wind and moan eerily.[1][2]

The Seattle grunge band Soundgarden took their name from this art work.[3][4]

Since 9/11, the facility, including the art installation, is on restricted access under threat level Yellow. Visitors may check in with the guards and walk onto the facility, but their vehicles are not allowed. Photo identification is required in order to view the Sound Garden and access to the "Art Walk".[5]

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