A tune for simplicity

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A tune for simplicity
AuthorYahya Haqqi

A tune of simplicity (Arabic:أنشودة للبساطة)is a Book by Yahya Haqqi Mohamed Haqqi (January 17, 1905 - December 9, 1992) is an Egyptian writer and novelist. Yahya Haqqi was born into a family with Turkish roots in Cairo and received a good education until he became a lawyer. He studied at the Law Institute in Cairo and graduated from it in 1925. Yahya Haqqi is a landmark in literature and film and is a leading Egyptian literary besides Najeeb Mahfouz and Yousef Idriss.[1]

About the Book[change | change source]

This book consists of a collection of articles published between 1961 and 1970 in the magazine "Magazine" and the newspapers "Evening" and "Cooperation." In July 1973, senior writer Youssef Sharoni published an article about this book in which he stated: "This is a book drawn from a collection of observations on young people's literature, primarily directed at writers and young people - and storytellers, in particular, He puts his hand on common errors and makes his remarks about them, and the title of the book derives from the title of one of his articles in which the author - Yahya Haqqi - compares four types of our modern literary production, A paean book of simplicity reminds you immediately as you read it with those books that have been written throughout literary history to introduce literature, such as Aristotle's Book of Poetry and the Art of Poetry Howars. [2]The book includes a series of articles that salute my right to advise young writers, most of which are about accessing ancient Arab literature, even though it is not my story to enrich the vocabulary of the language and how to form a strong style of writing and to move away from deadly grammatical errors and attention to subjects that belong to society and know the intellectual depletion of the writer.[3]

Quotes from the book[change | change source]

"I was deprived of a woman living with me after the day I searched for the papers on which I wrote the beginning of the Tyase story, I did not find her in her place on my desk, I turned the house upside down and scavenged in every bunker I did not find until I had despair and I believed that my previous effort was all lost; Because I hate to write it again. Then, two days later, I walk into the kitchen and I don't know why, I found the first chapter placed under the bottom of a suit and the principle of the second chapter wrapped in the form of a plug for a bottle of vinegar! Never marry, sweetheart; no woman is happy to marry, especially those affiliated with the craft of literature. "

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