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Aalborg is a city in Denmark. About 123,000 people live there, which makes it the fourth largest city in Denmark.

Aalborg was founded around 700 A.D. by the castle "Fjordborg" and was heard about for the first time in the year 1040, when King Dan VI of Jutland, was beaten in the Battle for Fjordborg. After that, the town and castle became big in Eel trading, and the town changed name to Aalborg(Eel Castle). Aalborg was a proper city in 1342 and became the seat of a Lutheran bishop in 1554. In 1782, Fjordborg was demolished, due to too many new people in the city. The onæy remaining part is half of the moat - the water surrounding the castle - that runs through the city center.

Aalborg is in Northern Jutland by the Limfjord.