Aarhus City Hall

Coordinates: 56°09′11″N 10°12′12″E / 56.153056°N 10.203333°E / 56.153056; 10.203333
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Aarhus City Hall
General information
LocationAarhus, Denmark
Coordinates56°09′11″N 10°12′12″E / 56.153056°N 10.203333°E / 56.153056; 10.203333
Design and construction
ArchitectArne Jacobsen and Erik Møller

Aarhus City Hall is the city hall for Aarhus, Denmark. Aarhus City Hall was opened on 2 June 1941. The building's architects were Arne Jacobsen and Erik Møller. In 1937, a meeting was held to build the city hall. Aarhus City Hall has unique architecture and was marked for preservation in 1994. In the first drawings for the building, the city hall didn't have a tower. The tower was added later.

The city hall has a total area of 19,380 square meters including the basement. The tower is 60 meters tall and the tower clock face has a diameter of 7 meters. The building is made of concrete plated with marble from Porsgrunn in Norway.