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Abbott and Costello

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Abbott and Costello
Abbott (Left) and Costello (Right) c. 1940s
Born1897 and 1906
New Jersey, US
Years active1935-1957
GenresComedy Comedy Fantasy Comedy Horror

Abbott[1] and Costello[2] were an American comedy duo With Bud and Lou. They have starred in movies like One Night in The Tropics[3] (1940) and Buck Privates[4][5] (1941) and More.

Comedy biography[change | change source]

They were born in New Jersey, US and became a comedy team in movies.[6]

The duo split up Split in 1957. Abbott died in 1974 Costello died in 1959.

Filmography[change | change source]

Year Movie name Abbott role Costello role Nts
1940 One Night in The Tropics Abbott Costello Debut movie
1941 Buck Privates Silker Smith Herbert "Herbie" Brown First movie
1941 In the Navy Smokey Adams/Smokey Pomeroy L. C. Watson CM movie
1941 Hold That Ghost Chuck Murray Ferdinand "Ferdie" Jones Horror Comedy About a Ghost
1941 Keep 'Em Flying Blackie A. benson R."R" M. Heathcliff Uvsr
1942 Ride 'Em Cowboy "CB" Duke Willoughby W. Uvsr
1942 Rio Rita Doc/Doc Thompson Wishy Dunn/Alan Jackson MGM
1942 Pardon My Sarong Algy/Algy shaw Wellington P. Uvsr

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