Abdul Ali Mazari

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Abdul Ali Mazari
Ustad Mazari.jpg
Abdul Ali Mazari
In office
1989 – March 1995
President Hezbe Wahdat
Personal details
Born Abdul Ali
Balkh Province, Afghanistan
Died March 1995
Ghazni Province, Afghanistan
Nationality Afghanistani
Political party Hezbe Wahdat
Profession Politician
Religion Islam
Ethnicity Hazara

Abdul Ali Mazari was a Hazara politician and leader of the Hezbe Wahdat political party in Afghanistan.[1]

Biography[change | change source]

Abdul Ali Mazari was born in 1946, in Charkent District, Balkh Province, Afghanistan, He died in March 1995, in Ghazni Province, Afghanistan.[1]

Statue of Abdul Ali Mazari in Bamyan Province

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