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Acanthopleura granulata

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Acanthopleura granulata
Acanthopleura granulata
Scientific classification
Binomial name
Acanthopleura granulata

Acanthopleura granulata, the West Indian fuzzy chiton, is a medium-sized tropical species.[1]

It is common in the tropical western Atlantic. It is often not noticed: its color and texture are similar to the rocks on which it lives.

In the West Indies, these and other common intertidal chitons are known as "curb". The foot of the animal is eaten by people and is also used as bait for fishing.

This chiton occurs from southern Florida to Mexico, south to Panama, and in the West Indies.[2]

Two individuals of Acanthopleura granulata in their natural habitat on a rock in Guadeloupe


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