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Achraf Baznani

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Achraf Baznani holding a light bulb

Achraf Baznani (born 1 January 1979) is a Moroccan artist, filmmaker and photographer.[1] He was born in Marrakesh.[2][3]


Baznani got started in photography by chance. He received a Kodak Ektra Compact 250 camera for his birthday as a teen.[2] Baznani is self-taught and has never taken photography classes.[4] He has made several short films and documentaries. These include "Walk" in 2006 and "The Forgotten" in 2007. "The Immigrant" in 2007 received several national and international awards.[5]

Baznani is best known for being the first artist in the Arab world to publish a photo-book based on surreal imagery.[6] Both books, Through My Lens and Inside My dreams, are surreal.[7] Baznani places himself within his photographs of everyday objects, scenes and amusing situations.[8]

His works were featured in various magazines worldwide like PicsArt, National Geographic,[1] Mambo, Photo+, Amateur Photographer, Fotografe Melhor,[9] Digital Photo magazine.

During 2014, he completed his "52 Project Archived 2016-05-14 at the Wayback Machine", a personal mission which he committed to taking a picture every week in a row for a year.

Claim of plagiarism

On April 29th, 2015, Joel Robinson, a Canadian photographer, accused Achraf Baznani of plagiarism. His evidence was a long article, published both on his website and, that the Moroccan photographer used his work in a way that amounted to plagiarism.[10][11]

Although Robinson did not mention Baznani by name, the nature of the case was said by Robinson to be as follows. Robinson's originals all had a photo of himself in the middle of a graphic design of some kind. In each case, Baznani removed Robinson's image and replaced it with one of himself.[12]


Achraf Baznani has won these awards:


  • 2006: Best Director: national educational film festival in Casablanca, Morocco.
  • 2007: Best Director: national festival of the education thread in Casablanca, Morocco.
  • 2008: Best Director: national festival of amateur short film Settat, Morocco.[5]
  • 2008: Best Director: national festival of short film creators in Casablanca, Morocco.[5]
  • 2008: Best Director: the short film festival in Nador, Morocco.
  • 2009: Best Director: national Educational Film Festival in Fes, Morocco.
  • 2009: Jury Prize at the International Festival of Short and Documentary Films in Casablanca, Morocco.[13]
  • 2009: First prize in the short film festival in the Arab League.[5]


  • 2015: Best in the show in Park Art Fair International
  • 2015: Merit in Sydney International Exhibition of Photography
  • 2015: 1st Prize in B2zone art contest in Switzerland
  • 2016: Honorable mention in Park Art Fair International [14]
  • 2016: 1st Place Winner – Golden Ribbon in Notindoor photography magazine contest [15]
  • 2016: Golden Orchid Grand Prize
  • 2016: International Prize Colosseo, Roma, Italy [16]

Artistic career


Achraf Baznani
  • 2015 "Colour brust", PH21 Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
  • 2015: Park Art Fair International 2015, Triberg, Germany
  • 2015: Gallery Globe, Adisson, Texas, USA
  • 2015: Digital Private Exhibition Louvre Museum, Paris, France [17]
  • 2015: My Small World, Solo Exhibition, Marrakesh, Morocco[18]
  • 2016: International Surrealism Now, Coimbra, Portugal [19][20]
  • 2016: Park Art Fair International 2016, Triberg, Germany [14]
  • 2016: Männer, Gräfelfing, Germany [21]
  • 2016: Inside my Dreams, Solo Exhibition, Rabat, Morocco [22]

Art books

  • 2014: Through my lens, Art book, ISBN 9781502793386.[7]
  • 2014: Inside my dreams, Art book, ISBN 9781502856586.[23]

Magazine covers

  • PH magazine, Canada, issue 42, ISSN 1924-9424.[24]
  • FOTOdigital, Portugal, issue 17
  • Magazine, US, issue 2, ISSN 2378-1998
  • PicsArt, US, issue 15
  • Mambo, Spain, special edition December 2014
  • One Shoot magazine, Mexico, issue 27
  • Zarah magazine, US, October 2014
  • Art Reveal Magazine, Issue 5, Finland, June 2015.[25]
  • Cultura Errante, Mexico, October 2015
  • Artinzene, Issue 4, New Zealand, November 2015
  • Knack magazine, Issue 31
  • Convex Photography Magazine - February 2016, India


  • 2006: Marche
  • 2007: Emigrant
  • 2009: Eyes


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