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Coordinates: 09°49′40″S 66°52′58″W / 9.82778°S 66.88278°W / -9.82778; -66.88278
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09°49′40″S 66°52′58″W / 9.82778°S 66.88278°W / -9.82778; -66.88278

Acelândia location.
Coat of arms

Acrelândia is a municipality in the northwest part of the Brazilian state Acre.

History[change | change source]

Acrelândia was the first planned city in Acre. It became a municipality according to the Law 1025/92 as of April 28, 1992. The municipality was created from the separation of Plácido de Castro and Senador Guiomard municipalities. It was known through the slogan Princesinha do Acre (Acre's Little Princess). This made it reach a great agricultural development. Many people moved there from the Brazilian south-central region.

Geography[change | change source]

There are 11,520 people in Acrelândia. It covers 1,575 km² in area (7,3 people/km²). It is next to Amazonas to the north, Rondônia to the east, Senador Guiomard to the west and Bolivia to the south.