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Location of actinides on the periodic table

The actinide series is the 15 chemical elements between actinium and lawrencium on the periodic table. They have the atomic numbers between 89 and 103. The actinide series is named after actinium. All of the elements are radioactive. Uranium is the most common natural actinide, and thorium second.

The actinide elements[change | change source]

Atomic Number Name Symbol Picture
89 Actinium Ac
90 Thorium Th Thorium sample 0.1g.jpg
91 Protactinium Pa
92 Uranium U HEUraniumC.jpg
93 Neptunium Np Neptunium2.jpg
94 Plutonium Pu Plutonium3.jpg
95 Americium Am Americium microscope.jpg
96 Curium Cm
97 Berkelium Bk Berkelium metal.jpg
98 Californium Cf Californium.jpg
99 Einsteinium Es Einsteinium.jpg
100 Fermium Fm
101 Mendelevium Md
102 Nobelium No
103 Lawrencium Lr