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Rabbi Adin Even-Israel Steinsaltz (11 July 1937 – 7 August 2020) was an Israeli Chabad Chasidic rabbi, teacher, philosopher, social critic, and publisher.[1][2] He was born in Jerusalem.

His edition of the Talmud was originally published in modern Hebrew and was translated into English,[3] French, Russian, and Spanish.[2]

Beginning in 1989, Steinsaltz published several writings in Hebrew and English of the Babylonian (Bavli) Talmud in an English-Hebrew edition.[4] and has since been brought to completion.[5][6]

Steinsaltz was honored with the Israel Prize for Jewish Studies (1988), the President's Medal (2012), and the Yakir Yerushalayim prize (2017).[7][8]

Steinsaltz died in Jerusalem on August 7, 2020, from acute pneumonia at the age of 83.[9][2]

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