Administrative divisions of Nepal

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Nepal is divided into 7 provinces. The provinces are divided into districts. The districts are divided into municipalities and Gaupalikas. There are also 6 metropolitan city and 11 sub-metropolitan cities.

Nepal's new constitution of 2015 has divided the country into 7 provinces removing previous Zones and Development region system. New system has mostly kept old districts as it was by making very little changes on the boundaries of few districts.

History[change | change source]

Before 2017, Nepal was divided into 5 development regions which were then divided into zones. The zones were again divided into districts. And the districts were divided into municipalities and VDCs.

Provinces of Nepal[change | change source]

Nepal is divided into 7 provinces.

seven provinces of Nepal
Provinces of Nepal
sr. Provinces Capital Area (km2) Population
1 Province No. 1 Biratnagar 25,905 4,534,943
2 Province No. 2 Janakpur 9,661 5,404,145
3 Province No. 3 Hetauda 20,300 5,529,452
4 Gandaki Pradesh Pokhara 21,504 2,413,907
5 Province No. 5 Butwal 22,288 4,891,025
6 Karnali Pradesh Birendranagar 27,984 1,168,515
7 Province No. 7 Dhangadhi 19,539 2,552,517

Districts of Nepal[change | change source]

Seven provinces are divided into districts. There are 77 districts in Nepal.

Cities of Nepal[change | change source]

In Nepal, there are 6 metropolitan city, 11 sub-metropolitan city, 276 municipalities.

Gaupalikas (Rural Municipality)[change | change source]

Nepal was divided into gaupalikas in 2017. Total 460 gaupalikas are there in Nepal.