Aermacchi M.B.339

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An MB-339CD of the Italian Air Force
Role Advanced trainer and light attack aircraft
Manufacturer Alenia Aermacchi
First flight 12 August 1976
Introduction 1979
Status Active in production
Primary users Italian Air Force
Royal Malaysian Air Force
Eritrean Air Force
United Arab Emirates Air Force
Produced 1978–present
Number built 230[1]
Unit cost
$8.3 million
Developed from Aermacchi MB-326

Aermacchi M.B.339 was built by Alenia Aermacchi. The creation of this type was requested by the Aernautica Militaire. They wanted to use it as new trainer.

Development[change | change source]

Based on Aermacchi M.B. 326, M.B. 339 is a direct successor of this type. The changes made on the cockpit, front parts and tail-end result in new product. The delivery has started in 1978. From 1982, those planes became the main plane of the Italian flight group Frecce Tricolori. This plane has been exported in 8 countries. The later types like M.B. 339 CD/FD have been produced only for Frecce Tricolori and can be seen as 4th generation fighters.

Technical data (M.B.339A)[change | change source]

Data Units
Production time 1973-1985
Manufacturer Alenia Aermacchi
Wingspan 12,20 m
Length 10,90 m
Hight 3,90 m
Wing area 19,30 m²
Weight (empty) 3.125 kg
Max takeoff weight 5.900 kg
Passengers -
Crew 2
Speed 898 km/h
Service ceiling 14.630 m
Range 2110 km
Powerplant 1*Rolls Royce Viper 632-43
Weapons 1800 kg rockets or bombs

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