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Aeronautical literary festival

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The Salon du livre aéronautique (in English : aeronautical literary festival) is an events for aviation books and writing created in 2009[1] and organized each year in Toulouse (campus of ENAC) by the French Civil Aviation University and the ENAC Alumni association.[2]

The event welcomes both large and small publishers and representatives of the book industry. Its originality is to be open to professionals and general public. On one day, meetings are organized with writers, authors ... The diversity of participants, book signings, discussion topics and activities have helped to make this appointment a great cultural and festive time.[3]

Notable participants

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  • Jean-François Clervoy
  • Guy Jalabert
  • Yves Marc
  • Bernard Mark
  • Patrick Poivre d'Arvor
  • André Turcat
  • Bernard Ziegler
  • Jean-Marc Zuljani


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