Aescwine of Wessex

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King of Wessex
Diedafter 676

Aescwine was a King in Wessex from about 674 to 676. He was one of several underkings in Wessex at the time.

King in Wessex[change | change source]

Aescwine was the son of Cenfus, who also ruled Wessex as a subking.[1] They both claimed descent from Cynric through his son Ceolwulf.[a][1] After the death of Cenwalh the underkings took over Wessex and ruled it for about ten years.[4] According to the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle Cenwalh was succeeded as ruler by his wife Seaxburh.[5] She ruled for about one year trying to hold central control over Wessex.[1] In 675, Aescwine defeated Wulfhere over territory north of the Thames.[6] Aescwine reigned from about 674 to 676.[1] He was succeeded by Centwine.

Notes[change | change source]

  1. Not to be confused with Cynric's grandson Ceolwulf who ruled from 597 to 611.[2] This Ceolwulf did not reign.[3]

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