Afsar Asadi

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Afsar Asadi

Afsar Asadi (Persian: افسر اسدی; born 16 January 1958) is an Iranian actress and make-up artist.

Acting career[change | change source]

Year Name Translation in English
1990 Obour Az Ghobar Passing Through the Dust
1990 Zaman-e Az Dast Rafteh The lost time
1990 Raz-e khanjar Secret of the Dagger
1995 Sarboland Honorable
1995 Rousari-e Aabi The Blue-Veiled
1999 Tehran Rouzegar-e No Tehran, New Era
2002 Koudakaneh Childlike
2005 Asb The Horse
2008 Yek Vajab Az Aseman A Span of Heaven
2011 12 Sandali The Twelve Seats
2012 Gahvarei Baraye Madar A Cradle for Mother
Year Name Translation in English
1978 Hezar dastan Nightingale
1991 Vazir Mokhtar Minister Plenipotentiary

Awards[change | change source]

  • Best Supporting Actress, Fajr Film Festival, for Obour Az Ghobar (1990)[3]
  • Nominated for Best Supporting Actress, Fajr Film Festival, for Rousari-e Aabi (1995)[3]

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