Age of Civilizations

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Age of Civilizations
Publisher(s)Łukasz Jakowski Games
Programmer(s)Łukasz Jakowski
SeriesAge of Civilizations
Platform(s)Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, Microsoft Windows
ReleaseVarious release dates
Mode(s)Singleplayer, Multiplayer

The Age of Civilizations series is a series of two games, Age of Civilizations (released with many regional versions and an international version) and Age of Civilizations II (released with an European version).

Gameplay[change | change source]

Age of Civilizations[change | change source]

General[change | change source]

Age of Civilizations' layout includes (at the top) the name of the civilizations, the national flag, money, movement points and a counter of how many moves done. The bottom includes a minimap, a province's information, the population and economy and an End Turn button. After pressing the button, statistics on countries (and in-depth analysis of yours) will appear.

Maps[change | change source]

Age of Civilizations consists of three map modes; an army view, a population view, a diplomacy view and an economy view.

The Army view (or Normal view) allows you to control your army, functions include Move, Recruit, Build and Disband, the army view also allows you to create or annex vassals (you cannot assign provinces to vassals and they are chosen based on the countries annexed); the population view allows you to check the growth rate of provinces; the Diplomacy view allows you to declare wars, create alliances, create non-aggression pacts and peace treaties, kick a country out of them and financially aid a country of your choice; the view also allows you to accept or decline offers from other nations (though due to the AI they don't regularly offer these).