Ahmad Eghtedari

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Eghtedari in November 2016

Ahmad Khan Eghtedari Gerashi (1925 – 16 April 2019) was an Iranian teacher, lawyer, writer, historian and geographer.[1] He was known for his work as an academic of Persian Gulf studies. He wrote 40 books and more than 100 educational papers. His works covered a wide range of topics, including the reworking of poetry collections written by past poets, and translations of research works of non-Iranian scholars and writers. He also wrote scientific researches in the fields of the language and the culture of different regions of Iran.[2] He worked as a lawyer for over forty years.[1]

Eghtedari was born in Gerash, a small city in the south of Fars. He died of lung and kidney disease in Tehran on 16 April 2019. He was 93 or 94.[3]

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