Air India Express Flight 812

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Air India Express Flight 812
Accident summary
Date May 22, 2010
Summary Pilot error leading to runway overshoot
Place Mangalore International Airport, Mangalore, India
Passengers 160
Crew 6
Injuries (non-fatal) 8
Fatalities 158
Survivors 8
Aircraft type Boeing 737-8HG
Airline/user Air India Express
Registration VH-AXV
Flew from Dubai International Airport
Flying to Mangalore International Airport
The crash site

Air India Express Flight IX-812 was a passenger flight of Air India from Dubai International Airport that crashed on 22 May 2010 at Mangalore International Airport. The time of the crash was UTC+5:30 local time. The airplane went beyond the area of the runway and crashed. The accident killed about 160 people.

Plane Type[change | change source]

The aircraft was a Boeing 737-800. The first flight was on 20 December 2007.