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Akbash Dog
Akbash dog image
Other names
Akbaş Çoban Köpeği
Height Dogs 28–32 in (71–81 cm)
Bitches 27–30 in (69–76 cm)
Weight Dogs 90–140 lb (41–64 kg)
Bitches 75–105 lb (34–48 kg)
Coat Medium or long double coat
Color White
Litter size 8 pups
Life span 11 years
Kennel club standards
United Kennel Club standard
Dog (domestic dog)

The Akbash Dog is a large breed (type) of dog which comes from Turkey. It has a white coat of fur. It was bred to protect sheep in the field from thieves and predators. While this dog has been used for this job in Turkey for many hundreds of years, it is not often found outside of Turkey. The Akbash Dog is closely related to other large, white dogs used to protect sheep, such as the Komondor and the Aidi.