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Moirang Shayon character
"Akongchampa", an ancient Meitei (old Manipuri) name of Akongjamba, written in archaic Meitei Mayek abugida
Created byThangjing
OccupationNobleman of the Moirang Kingdom
AffiliationMoirang Saiyon, Moirang Kangleirol, Meitei mythology, Meitei folklore, History of Manipur
TitleNobleman of Ancient Moirang
ReligionMeiteism of Sanamahism
OriginMoirang Kingdom
HomeAncient Moirang

Akongjamba (Old Manipuri: Akongchampa) was a nobleman of a King in Ancient Moirang.[1][2] He is a lover of Goddess Phouoibi.[3] But fate doesn't permit the lovers to unite. So, Akongjamba and Phouoibi reincarnated in the legends.[4] The lives of the two legendary lovers were believed to be enacted by Thangjing as a part of the Moirang Saiyon of the Moirang Kangleirol legends.[5]

Legends[change | change source]

Once Goddess Phouoibi (Fouoibi) set out for a journey along with Ngaleima and Thumleima. In Moirang, when she was trying to cross a river, Akongjamba came to the place for hunting. He fell in love with Phouoibi at first sight. They became great lovers.[1][4]

Many days later, Phouoibi went to Akongjamba's house, disguising herself as a tribal woman (haonupi or haonubi). Akongjamba was not at home.[2] Akongjamba's mother (Akongjamba's wife in another version) didn't give her good shelter. She was about to hit Phouoibi (disguised as a tribal woman) with a broom. A divine being could lose his or her powers at the touch of profane objects like broom. So, Phouoibi fled to the coop of the house. She transformed into a chicken. Akongjamba's mother chased her. She counted the number of chickens.[6] She didn't find any new chicken. So, she was gone. Phouoibi spent the night inside the dirty henhouse. On the next day, she once again assumed her true divine maiden form in a glowing dress. She called Akongjamba's mother to come out. She gave her the payment for spending a night at her place. She shook an enormous heap of golden grain off her body. The grains fell in the middle of the courtyard of the house. Then, she was gone to the south east direction. Akongjamba's mother was surprised at this.[1][4][7]

When Akongjamba returned home, he found the pile of golden grain as high as a hill in front of the courtyard. His mother narrated him the entire story. He realised that the strange lady was Phouoibi, his ladylove. He immediately followed her path. On the way, he found her. He pleaded her to return home together. But she told him that they are not destined to unite to accomplish their work at that birth. Saying that, she left him.[8]

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