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Sura 7 of the Quran
The Elevation
Other namesThe Purgatory,
PositionJuzʼ 8—9
Hizb no.16—18
No. of Rukus24
No. of verses206
No. of Sajdahs1 (verse 206)
Opening muqaṭṭaʻātʾAlif Lām Mīm Ṣād المص
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Quran 8 →

Surah Al-A'raf (Arabic: سورة الأعراف, meaning "high place") is the seventh book of the Muslim religious book, the Qur'an , with 206 verses and 24 ruku's. This Surah was revealed in Makkah . The central theme of this Surah is the call to believe in the Prophethood.

Name[change | change source]

In verses 46 and 48 of this surah (in the fifth verse) the Araf or the people of Araf are mentioned in the Companions. That is why it is named Al Araf. In other words, the meaning of calling this Surah Surah Al-A'raf is that it is the Surah in which A'raf is mentioned.

Time of revelation[change | change source]

Looking at the subject matter of this Surah, it is clear that this Surah was revealed at about the same time as Surah An-Amr . Of course, it cannot be said with certainty whether it was revealed before or after An'am. However, from the eloquence of the speech given in this Surah, it is clear that it is related to that time. Therefore, in order to understand its historical background, it is enough to take a look at the introduction written at the beginning of Surah An-Nam.

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