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Surah Ahzab, one of the surahs (chapters) of the Quran, is an important surah for marriage. This Surah defines many practical regulations for married couples, allowing them to live in a happy, prosperous marriage built on mutual respect. This Surah emphasizes the importance of attention, carefulness, and understanding between a couple to lead toward a successful, harmonious relationship. Ultimately, surah al Ahzab for marriage helps couples who seek; to marry with their true love and, obedience & loyalty within their marriage. One of the vital surahs to recite upon marriage is Surah al Ahzab Wazifa for marriage, also known as 'The Clans'. This Surah comes from the chapters of the Qur'an that were revealed in Makkah ( Mecca) , and originated from 73 Ayats or Verses. Surah Ahzab is a chapter of the Quran composed of 73 verses, and it has several benefits that can help strengthen the bond between couples. This Surah can help married couples advance in their relationship by providing guidance related to marriage practices and behavior.

The first benefit of Surah Ahzab for married couples is, it guides them in terms of marital relationships and responsibilities. Surah provides advice on how to handle arguments and disagreements,

It emphasizes on communication between husband and wife. It encourages husbands and wives to speak openly with one another, especially in hard times.

By being honest with each other, couples can better understand where each person is coming from, which results in fewer misunderstandings or tension between them. Additionally, it reminds both partners to treat each other kindly and gently instead of resorting to hurtful words or actions during disagreements.

Finally, this chapter encourages married couples to show mutual respect for one another. It speaks about how love between two people should be unconditional no matter what circumstances arise.

Additionally, it mentions how spouses should not let themselves become jealous or envious of others' successes or blessings because when a couple works together, they are capable of achieving more than either one could do alone. This helps a couple stay united even during difficult times because they know they have an ally in one another.

Overall, reading through this chapter can provide a lot of insight into how a husband and wife should interact with each other during the marriage. It gives advice on topics such as money management, communication techniques, as well as respect for one another's feelings which all make up the foundation of a strong relationship. Thus, by utilizing what is taught within this Surah, married couples can reap the benefits of having a healthy partnership built upon mutual understanding and trust.