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Sura 8 of the Quran
The Bounties
Other namesThe Spoils of War
PositionJuzʼ 9—10
Hizb no.15—19
No. of Rukus10
No. of verses75
← Quran 7
Quran 9 →

Al-Anfal (Arabic: الأنفال) Muslim religious texts of the Qur'an 8 Number chapter , verses 75. Surah Al-Anfal was revealed in Medina.

Name[change | change source]

The name of this Surah is Surah Al-Anfal; This is because the word is mentioned in the first verse of the Surah, which means war-acquired wealth. Most of its descriptions are related to this. Some have even named it Surah Badr. [Bukhari: 482] Because, most of the discussion was about the battle of Badr. Some have also called this Surah as 'Jihad'.

Duration of revelation[change | change source]

This Surah was revealed in the second Hijri after the battle of Badr. This is a detailed review of the first battle between Islam and Kufr.

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