Albert Pierrepoint

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Albert Pierrepoint
Born30 March 1905
Clayton, England
Died10 July 1992 (aged 87)
Southport, England
Cause of deathCancer
Years active1931-1940: Assistant Executioner
1940-1956: Lead Executioner

Albert Pierrepoint (30 March 1905 - 10 July 1992) was a British executioner, responsible for the executions of over 400 people. He was known as a famous hangman, in addition, he owned a bar. One of his executions involved an acquaintance who visited his bar often; James Corbitt (20 October 1913 - 28 November 1950) nicknamed Tish by Pierrepoint.

Pierrepoint said this about Corbitt's final moments. At twenty seconds to nine the next morning, he went into the death cell. He seemed under a great strain, but he did not see stark fear in his eyes, only a more childlike worry. He was anxious to be remembered and to be accepted. "Hello, Tish," he said, not confidently. "How are you?" he was not effusive, just gave the casual warmth of his nightly greeting from behind the bar.

Birth[change | change source]

Albert was born in 1905 in Clayton, which was a civil parish of Bradford, his father Henry Pierrepoint was removed from the list of Executioners in 1910 after an argument with his assistant John Ellis, Thomas was reported to have said about John Ellis that "it was impossible to work with him".

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