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Alexander Andrew Kelly (born May 8, 1967) is an American from Darien, Connecticut, who was convicted of rape in 1997.[1] He is an Irish American who is the middle of three children, having both an older and a younger brother.

Crimes[change | change source]

Alex Kelly was charged with having done two aggravated assaults in Darien, Connecticut, in 1986.[1] Before his trial was due to begin in 1987, Kelly fled the United States and spent the next seven years on the run, mostly in Europe.[1] In 1995, Kelly gave him self up to the authorities in Switzerland and was extradited to the United States in order to stand trial on rape and kidnapping charges. Kelly faced two trials in 1997. After the first was declared a mistrial, the second resulted in his conviction for the first rape and a sentence of 16 years in prison.

Release[change | change source]

In 2005, after having served eight years of his 16-year sentence, Kelly appeared before a Connecticut parole board; his bid for release was rejected. On November 23, 2007, Kelly was released from prison on "good behavior". He is now has to serve 10 years probation, perform 200 hours of community service, pay a $10,000 fine, and register with the Connecticut Sex Offender Registry. While in prison, Kelly claims that he earned a bachelor's degree in economics and third-world development.

References[change | change source]

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