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The Alexander Dennis Enviro300 (previously known as TransBus Enviro300) is a single decker low-floor bus. It was built in two generations from 2001 to 2015. It was built by TransBus International until 2004. It was then built by Alexander Dennis.

First generation (2001–2008)[change | change source]

The first generation TransBus Enviro300 was launched in 2001. In 2004 Transbus was sold to Alexander Dennis. The bus was renamed the Alexander Dennis Enviro300. In 2006 the Enviro300 chassis became available with the East Lancs Esteem bodywork.

Second generation (2007–2015)[change | change source]

The second generation Enviro300 was launched in 2007. With it various chassis could be added on, like the MAN 18.240, Volvo B7RLE and Scania K230UB.

In April 2013 a gas-powered version called the Enviro300SG was launched. It was available on the Scania K230UB chassis.[1] These buses were jointly built by Alexander Dennis and Scania.[2][3]

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