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Alexander Jagiellon

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Alexander Jagiellon
Grand Duke of Lithuania
Reign30 July 1492 – 19 August 1506
Coronation30 July 1492 in Vilnius Cathedral
PredecessorCasimir IV Jagiellon
SuccessorSigismund I
Born5 August 1461
Kraków, Poland
Died19 August 1506
Vilnius, Lithuania
FatherCasimir IV Jagiellon
MotherElisabeth of Hungary
SignatureAlexander Jagiellon's signature

Alexander Jagiellon (Polish: Aleksander Jagiellończyk, Lithuanian: Aleksandras Jogailaitis; 5 August 1461 – 19 August 1506) of the House of Jagiellon was the Grand Duke of Lithuania and later also King of Poland. He was the fourth son of Casimir IV Jagiellon. He was Elected grand duke of Lithuania on the death of his father (1492) and king of Poland on the death of his brother John I Albert.