Alfa Romeo RL

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RL Sport, 1922
RL Limousine, 1924
RL Targa Florio, made in 1924

Alfa Romeo RL (1922–27) was an Italian car made by Alfa Romeo in Milano.

It was designed by Giuseppe Merosi.[1] They made around 2,600 of these cars in total.

Family car[change | change source]

The RL Normale (RLN) was a family car, also called 21/70. The engine had 6 cylinders and measured 3 liters volume. In 1926 it changed name to RL Touring (RLT) and 22/70.

Sports car[change | change source]

The RL Sport (RLS) was a light car that was a foot shorter, so it saved weight. It also had a bigger engine. They made around 500 of these. It changed name to RL Super Sport (RLSS) and 22/90, and was even faster.[2]

Racing car[change | change source]

This was even shorter than the RL Short and won the Targa Florio race on Sicilia in 1923. They called it RL Targa Florio (RLTF) and less than 10 were made.

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