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Alfonso VII of León and Castile

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Alfonso VII 'The Emperor', of Castile and León

Alfonso VII (1 March 1105 – 21 August 1157), born Alfonso Raimúndez, he was called the Emperor (el Emperador). He was given rule in Galacia alongside his mother Urraca of León in 1107.[1] Alfonso became the King of Galicia in 1111.[1] He became King of León and Castile in 1126 after his mother's death.[1] Alfonso adopted the style of Emperor in his charters.[2] In 1135 in a ceremony at the court of Leon he was officially recognize as Emperor.[3] He was the son of Urraca of León and Raymond of Burgundy.[2] He was the first of the House of Burgundy to rule in the Iberian peninsula. During his rule Portugal declared independence, in 1128. It was recognized as being independent in 1143.

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