Alfred Duraiappah

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Alfred Duraiappah
Died27 July 1975
Jaffna, Sri Lanka
OccupationMember of Parliament and
Mayor of Jaffna

Alfred Thambirajah Duraiappah (died 27 July 1975) was a Sri Lankan politician. He was a Member of Parliament and mayor of Jaffna. He was assassinated by the Tamil Tigers.

First political murder[change | change source]

Alfred Duraiappah was a member of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party. He became a Member of Parliament and mayor of Jaffna. He was murdered by the Tamil Tiger leader Velupillai Prabhakaran in July 1975. Duraiappah was killed on his way to a Hindu temple for prayers, although he himself was a Christian.

His tenure and Jaffna prosperity[change | change source]

His term as the mayor of a neglected city. Roads and stadiums were built, and jobs were created. His period of office also saw benefits for Jaffna farmers, as the prices of agriculture grew, possibly because the government policies taking control at the time was beneficial.

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